Lighting Design

Lighting and Event Decor options can be used to enhance your wedding location

With a variety of lighting and event decor options available, you can find the right balance between natural ambiance and accent


String lighting

String lighting provides an elegant way to enhance the ceiling of you tent or venue. Illuminated globes are available in a variety of colors and options

Illuminated lanterns

Lanterns are a fun way to add an Ariel visual effect above the dance floor or the entire venue. Different sizes, illumination, and colors make for a multitude of possibilities

Monogram Projection

Add you names or initials to a wall or floor with a monogram projection. Monograms are available in a variety of both stand alone or animated designs

Uplighting and Starfield lights

Uplights can be added to the perimeter of your venue to illuminate the walls. Colors can be closely matched to your wedding palette so as to compliment your decor. Add starlights over the dance floor on the ceiling to add an extra ambiance.

Valance and Sheer Backdrops

Valance and Sheer fabric backdrops can be used for for Ceremonies, Head Tables, Photobooths, or anywhere a backdrop will help enhance a focal point.

Backdrops are available in a variety of colors to complement your wedding and personal touches can be added with specialty lighting or faux floral designs.