Your wedding is a celebration about the two of you, your families, and your closest friends..

You may already be researching ideas that compliment your style and wedding vision. Every choice from décor, formal attire, and menu selections are a reflection of your unique personalities.

Working with, not for....

Memorable Berkshire weddings occur when we work together. A desire to host an amazing celebration for your guests and a willingness to be directly involved in the planning process is all that’s required. To achieve this goal, I work with you to add unique ideas and special moments that will reflect a complete understanding of the style and vision. The end result is an entertainment experience created just for you.

Not All Weddings are the Same

It’s expected that all DJs provide the basics….play music, make announcements, introduce your bridal party, and offer enhancements such as specialty lighting or a photobooth. I offer those services as well.

The difference is not “what”is provided, but “how”these services are used to create a celebration that’s designed specifically for you. Unforgettable weddings occur when a combination of music, lighting, and visual effects are used in ways to create moments your guests will remember. Personalized bridal party introductions, slideshow during a special dance, and a bride singing a tribute to her mother are just a few of the creative ideas that have been used to create moments of wedding magic.

Shouldn’t your wedding be different than everyone else’s?

No Packages, Hourly Rates, or Overtime Fees

Have you received a pre-packaged quote from a DJ service without actually spending time discussing your wedding vision? An instant quote from any DJ service is a clear indication your special day is being viewed as “another wedding that is no different than the last one”.It is the same event recycled from last weekend, not a personalized entertainment experience.

Your celebration should be stress free and without constraints. James Hall Events does not use an “hourly rates” or “pre-packaged” pricing formula, also there are no “overtime fees” for DJ services which gives you more time to enjoy your day without the worry of paying extra. You determine when your event starts and ends and if unforeseen circumstances occur that changes your itinerary, accommodations can be made easily since the only event scheduled on your special day is yours.

Personal Commitment

Unlike other DJ Services that have a staff of DJs, you will receive my complete and undivided attention in addition to my 25 years experience as a talented Master of Ceremonies, skilled DJ, and attentive Event Coordinator. Providing you with my personal commitment to your wedding, I work with you from start to finish so that when your wedding day arrives you will have peace of mind that your event will flow smoothly in a way that does not take the spotlight away from you.

My personal commitment also means that I am solely focused on your event. Unlike other entertainment companies that may employ a staff of DJs, with multiple events happening simultaneously, my attention is solely on your event and not divided among several other clients at the same time.