Megan and Derek held their wedding reception on June 18, 2011 at the Hampden Country Club in Ludlow MA.265219_124540787629535_100002208438427_194977_840980_o

This couple was an absolute delight to work with. From the planning process, to the day of the event, there was never a moment where these two were not smiling, laughing, or just loving every moment of their lives.

Being a professional singer, Megan wanted to honor her mother with a special song. Instead of a special dance, I opted to have Megan’s mother join me on the dance floor and started “Wind Beneath My Wings”. Megan acended the ballroom staircase with microphone in hand, joining her mother on the floor for a serenade

To me they represent the perfect wedding couple and a reminder as to why I enjoy performing weddings.

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